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hybrid flooring in hopper crossing

SPC Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne, Australia

Applying the industry-leading stone polymer-stabilized base, the innovative Engineered SPC Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne provides all the benefits of timber flooring including the perceived warmth and cosines while not damaging any trees.

The environmentally friendly flooring solution uses high-quality décor film on top of the SPC Hybrid Flooring core, or rigid core, to imitate the same feeling from authentic wooden floors.

Our SPC Hybrid flooring encompasses 8 colour options to offer warmth as often described with timber floors. Lighter and natural colours are exceptional in expanding the spaciousness of interior while darker colours can provide an additional characteristic to the design of the house.

Benefits of SPC Hybrid flooring in Melbourne

The unorthodox SPC Hybrid flooring solution comes with benefits that traditional wooden floor cannot compete. The rigid core technology is 100% waterproof while being able to withstand dropped objects. SPC Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne is also temperature- and climate-proof as it will not expand or contract in extreme temperatures and do not require acclimatization.

The cover dual protection layers offer unprecedented scratch resistance that is even pet-proof. Extending the protection of our ecosystem and customers, our engineered SPC Hybrid floor is formaldehyde-free.


SPECIFICATIONS 1820mm x 225mm x 7mm | Click System with cork backing | 5.5mm thick plus 1.5mm cork | Box Qty 2.457m2 per pack

hybrid flooring in hopper crossing