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All Floors Australia is one of Melbourne’s leading flooring company that specializes in all flooring aspects for both residential and commercial space.

Famous Commercial Flooring in Melbourne, Australia

when anyone is looking to buy commercial flooring in Melbourne. There are two main priorities that everyone shares. First and foremost; your Commercial flooring should reflect your business and, like the design for the rest of your business, your All Floors Australia choice must reflect a sense of professionalism.

what’s the best floor for a business? If you're looking for a floor for your business you're going to need something a little special. It's going to have to be strong, long-lasting and attractive. Here we're going to look at the three best options for your business and see where they each excel:

Commercial vinyl flooring in Melbourne

If your floor is going to come in contact with a lot of water, then you should consider commercial vinyl flooring. Vinyl has all the benefits of laminate, with the added advantage of being completely waterproof. A lot of people are put off vinyl because it makes them think of cheap vinyl sheets or commercial linoleum. Whilst this flooring has its purpose, it's not something we sell, because technology has just moved on so much

Commercial kitchen flooring in Melbourne, Australia

The Commercial kitchen flooring is often a room where people naturally gather, which means the flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand a high volume of foot traffic. People can be stood up for a long time as well, whether socializing or preparing food, so you should make comfort a priority.

Although these are important issues there is also the cost and style of the product to take into account. However comfortable and long term your kitchen floor, you shouldn't have to compromise on the appearance

Commercial Carpet Tiles in Melbourne, Australia

Commercial Carpet tiles work well in zones of high traffic, for example waiting rooms, office corridors, bars etc. They are tremendously hard-wearing, offer a slip resistant surface, and are easy to replace individually in the event of stains. The versatile nature of carpet tiles means they can be fitted into pretty much any space, regardless of shape and dimensions

Commercial gym flooring in Melbourne, Australia

At All Floors Australia Commercial gym flooring is our specialty, and we have been supplying high level commercial gyms along with smaller personal training studios with durable, high quality All Floors Australia Commercial flooring for over 5 years. You will find a comprehensive collection of gym floor rolls, tiles and mats to set the foundation for a flourishing business. We provide the fastest lead times on the market with many flooring options shipping in less than 7 business days, which means you can open your new gym even sooner than you imagined, our Commercial flooring in Melbourne options come with lengthy warranties certain to keep your floor standing strong for years to come

Why use All Floors Australia?

we are eco-responsible flooring suppliers. This means we create sustainable Commercial vinyl flooring products that put design and functionality at the forefront. Our customers are placed at the heart of everything we do. This allows us to understand the needs of a range of environments. Doing this means we create Commercial flooring solutions that are stunningly designed and perfect for purpose too.

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